Rock and Roll Christmas (2019) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Rock and Roll Christmas (2019) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Yes I know Beverley Mitchell has long since moved on from 7th Heaven, but that doesn’t change the fact that I always loved her and in later years she was probably the reason I kept watching.

I wish I could say I thought she did a marvelous job on this movie, but I thought her acting was fair, maybe not even that. But even so, to me, she was Lucy grown up. She sings several times with her on-screen mother and is passable as a country music star.

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I enjoyed this movie because it is peppered with performances of several Christmas classics and one original song which was a little catchy. I have said in other Christmas reviews that I would like to see more movies with extended singing and this is exactly what I mean.

The story is different from the dozens of others airing on several 24/7 Christmas stations. It’s not unique, but the mother/daughter aspect helps it stand out a little from the few other singing-star-come-back movies.

There is plenty of conflict and chaos since both of the older Rose women are stubborn and each clings to the hurts of the past. The granddaughter Riley is central as she attempts to make peace.

There’s a romance aspect as both of the older Rose women have men interested in them.

This is UpTV and so there is a good deal of cheesiness. For me, that is a plus to a point and this movie stayed below the negative threshold for schmaltz. The main theme seems to be the value of family at Christmas. The ending tweaked my tear ducts a little even though I was sure of what I expected to happen.

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